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Dell EMC Data Protection Suite

• Data protection from edge to core
to cloud
• Protect virtual and physical
• Backup and restore
• Disaster recovery
• Any Point-in-Time recovery
• Flexible deployment options
• Multi-hypervisor support
• Centralized monitoring and
reporting across the portfolio
• Automated policy management
and discovery of Kubernetes
Autonomous operations
• Automated policy management
• Automated discovery of
databases and storage
Cloud ready
• Multi-cloud optimized with
backup/recovery, long-term
retention and disaster recovery
• Operational and disaster
recovery to the cloud
• Efficient replication to the cloud
Self-service & IT governance
• Self-service for data owners
combined with central IT
governance to meet strict SLOs
• Backup, restore and replication
through native VMware interfaces
Dell EMC storage integration
• Dell EMC PowerStore,
PowerScale and PowerMax
• Support for NDMP and end-to
end snapshot management
Data protection for on-premises and cloud
Dell EMC Data Protection Suite provides a comprehensive software
solution built to protect workloads running on-premises and in the cloud.
This offering gives you flexible deployment options and is ideal for
environments that are rich with mission critical applications running in a
variety of configurations, including NAS, ROBO, tape, hardware snapshots,
or even the most complex assortment of applications and storage.
Whether you need backup and recovery, disaster recovery, any point-in
time recovery, cyber-recovery or long-term retention, Data Protection Suite
offers the protection you need within a single software offering.
Comprehensive database and application support
With application consistent protection for leading databases and
applications, Data Protection Suite empowers data owners to perform
backup and restore operations directly from their native applications,
while IT takes advantage of oversight and governance to ensure
compliance. Automated policy management and discovery of
Kubernetes containers, databases, virtual machines and file systems
give you confidence that applications are protected with the policies
needed to meet business requirements.
Flexible data protection for the cloud
Data Protection Suite provides efficient and flexible cloud data protection while
taking advantage of cost-effective object storage. Back up data and applications
in the cloud as well as to the cloud with AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud
Platform. In addition, you can extend data protection to the cloud with disaster
recovery, long-term retention, and protect cloud native workloads across single
or multiple cloud environments.


Self-service protection for virtualized environments
Virtualized environments with multiple hypervisors can quickly become complex and impact integration with data
protection solutions. Data Protection Suite reduces these concerns via a single solution designed to support multiple
hypervisors including VMware, Hyper-V and OpenStack KVM. Tight Integration with VMware brings advanced
capabilities including self-service backup and recovery from native interfaces, instant access to virtual machines,
automated policy assignment and Tanzu modern applications. In addition, vAdministrators can leverage continuous
replication with any point-in-time recovery right from vCenter.
Centralized management and governance
IT organizations face challenges with managing data protection across diverse locations, a condition that drives the
requirement for centralized visibility and management. Data Protection Suite provides a single dashboard view across
multiple systems and multiple sites to streamline processes and provide business insight. Global oversite of application
backups ensures compliance and governance.
Industry leading deduplication and performance
For a complete data protection solution, leverage the powerful combination of Data Protection Suite and
PowerProtect appliances. This complete data protection solution reduces risk of data loss, provides industry-leading
deduplication and superior performance.
Dell EMC modern storage integration
Data Protection Suite integration with Dell EMC PowerMax, PowerStore and PowerScale simplifies and optimizes the
protection of your data. End-to-end snapshot management provides fast disk-based backups for data that require
stringent recovery time and recovery point objectives. NDMP support increases the speed and efficiency of NAS data
Meet business needs and drive new outcomes
Data Protection Suite offers operational simplicity, agility and flexibility at its core. This solution makes meeting your
real-time business needs easy and drive new business outcomes using this comprehensive data protection software



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