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DELL EMC Power Store 1000T



DRR (Used for Internal Data Tracking)4:11
Dell EMC Power Store 1000PowerStore 1000T Base Dell Customer Racked1
Memory Capacity192GB DIMM Memory2
Drives25X2.5 NVME SED SSD 1.92TB6
Storage ConfigurationSingle Appliance1
Operating EnvironmentPowerStore Base SW1
FC PortsSingle Port 16Gb Fibre Channel4
FC Optics and Cables2x SFP, FC16, 16GB2
External Controller2x Transciever, 10Gb SFP+, Short Range2
Chassis Management Controller16Gb FC 4 Port and 10GB iSCSI SFP+ 4 Port Dual Controller2
Power SupplyDual 1800W (200-240V) Power Supply, includes C13/C14 Power Cords1
vSphere Tier SelectionsNo Selection1
Dell Services: Hardware SupportParts Only Warranty 12Months, 12 Month(s)1
Dell Services:Deployment ServicesPromotional - ProDeploy for PowerStore Base Enclosure1
Dell Services: Extended ServiceProsupport Plus and 4Hr Mission Critical, 36 Month(s)1
Appsync for PowerStoreAppSync for PowerStore1
Deployment ServicesNo Installation Service Selected (Contact Sales rep for more details)1
AppSync SoftwareAppSync Str Pk for PowerStore1
AppSync Software Support, Contract (Legacy)3Y ProSupport Plus Mission Critical for AppSync Starter Pack Software Support Contract1
AppSync Software Support (Legacy)3Y ProSupport Plus Mission Critical for AppSync Starter Pack Software Support/Maintenance1



The ground-breaking Dell EMC PowerStore achieves new levels of operational simplicity and agility, utilizing a containerbased architecture, advanced storage technologies, and intelligent automation to unlock the power of your data. Based on a scale-out architecture and hardware-accelerated advanced data reduction, PowerStore is designed to deliver enhanced resource utilization and performance that keeps pace with application and system growth. Utilizing the proven capabilities of VMware ESXi, PowerStore X models with AppsON provide the unique ability to host data-intensive and storage applications directly on the PowerStore system with a storage-based virtualization environment, with the flexibility of seamless movement of applications between the storage system and external VMware servers. PowerStore T models provide organizations with all the benefits of an enterprise unified storage platform for block, file and vVol data, while enabling flexible growth with the intelligent scale-up AND scale-out capability of appliance clusters.



Based on a versatile scale-up and out platform utilizing Intel® Xeon ® Scalable processors and today’s most advanced storage technologies, including end-to-end NVMe Flash, dual-ported Intel® OptaneTM SSDs, NVMe-FC and always-on data reduction, PowerStore uses powerful analytics, automation and active resource balancing to optimize performance and eliminate management overhead. Each appliance utilizes dual active-active storage nodes and a container-based software architecture to provide maximum adaptability

DELL EMC PowerStore 1000T

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