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IBM FLASHSYSTEM 5035 2072-3N4-7682D Storage


IBM FlashSystem 5000 storage systems are designed specifically to address entry enterprise workloads. These storage solutions are focused on affordability with a wide range of enterprise-grade features that can easily evolve as your business grows. And you can even choose to extend award-winning software-defined storage functionality across all your existing systems to optimize current IT investments while building a leading-edge, cloud-capable business platform.


IBM FlashSystem 5035 provides greater functionality, including powerful encryption capabilities and data reduction pools with compression, deduplication, thin provisioning, and the ability to cluster for scale-up and scale-out.


Easy to deploy, with enterprise-grade capabilities such as AI-powered IBM Easy Tier functionality that ensures your data is on the right type of storage—automatically. All IBM storage solutions are supported by AI-enhanced IBM Storage Insights that monitors your storage environment, so you don’t have to. It lets you know when something needs your attention and can even recommend what to do. And when support from IBM is needed, Storage Insights helps streamline your experience.

IBM FLASHSYSTEM 5035 2072-3N4-7682D Storage

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