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IBM FlashSystem 5100 LFF 2078-12G Storage


All-flash and hybrid flash: This is a single family and the designation H after the machine type, for example FlashSystem 5010H, means that is the hybrid flash version. 


IBM FlashSystem models are the next-generation FlashSystem control enclosures, designed to deliver a range of performance, scalability, and functional capabilities:

  • IBM FlashSystem 5010, 5030, and 5100 are a virtualized, software-defined storage system designed to consolidate workloads into a single storage system for ease of management, reduced costs, highly scalable capacity, high performance, and availability.
  • IBM FlashSystem 5010 and 5030 offer the performance, functionality, and cost-efficiency demanded by midrange workloads.
  • The FlashSystem 5030 adds more CPU power and additional features, such as Data Reduction Pools and data-at-rest Encryption. Hosts can attach via SAS, 16 Gb FCP, or iSCSI.
  • IBM FlashSystem 5100 offers NVMe-accelerated performance and proven, wide-ranging functionality in affordable storage solutions.

IBM FlashSystem 5100 LFF 2078-12G Storage

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