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Wallix Management Software 


Privileged, administrative, or overly empowered accounts are consistently among attackers’ main targets and frequently lead to major breaches. Leaders overseeing identity and access management should be implementing privileged access management (PAM) to protect these critical accounts.


WALLIX PAM is designed to manage and secure privileged accounts within an organization’s IT and OT environments. Privileged accounts are those with elevated permissions used by people often held by administrators, IT personnel, or third-party vendors, but also software and machines, that provide access to critical systems and sensitive data.

WALLIX PAM focuses on controlling, monitoring, and securing access to these privileged accounts to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, or misuse of sensitive information.

Overall, WALLIX PAM aims to strengthen an organization’s cybersecurity posture by managing and securing access to critical systems, reducing the risk of insider threats, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

WALLIX YG_BA_PF_RUU Management Software

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